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"Sideways thinking" is what Buddy Mondlock called it in a recent songwriting workshop here in Cedar Rapids Iowa. I like that. I hope you enjoy my "sideways" thoughts & ramblings...

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St Paddy's Day Show, Back To School for the Musical

Posted by Kimberli on February 2, 2012 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (4)

Hello my friends!

Just a quick update on what's up in Kimberli's world.


I'm working on two projects right now.

One is an original musical, story theatre style for the most part, called FRACTURED FABLES & FREAKY FAERIE TALES for Wilson School here in Cedar Rapids. We hold auditions next week and I'm excited to be back working with the kids again. Some of the skits woven into the tapestry of the production are "Little Red in da Hood", "The Three Little Wolves & The Big Bad Pig" and "Beauty is a BEAST!" Ought to be fun -- some audience interaction is involved keeping the tempo up and things exciting for everyone both on and off stage. Performance dates are March 22 & 23 at 7:00 both days. A small donation is taken at the door.

Then, there is a magical little theatre called ALLEY STAGE in Mineral Point, Wisconsin where I've been known to do a show or two... it is there that I'll be producing & directing an interactive show called "Uncle Willie's Wake" on St. Patrick's Day. The show is full of fun & laughs, reminiscent of the story  in the song Finnegan's Wake. Poor Uncle Willie seemingly has met his demise at the hands of a runaway horse cart on the streets of Mineral Point. Audience members will eat, drink, be entertained by musicians and poets and the like, toast to the memory of Uncle Willie, sing along if they're so inclined and be part of the show that concludes with the reading of the Will where one lucky soul will win the "Pot O' Gold"... but there's a surprise ending that you just won't want to miss! Well worth the trip just a couple hours northeast of us here in Cedar Rapids, you can come spend the night in a small hotel or bed & breakfast and shop in the unique small businesses (antiques, jewelers, books, gifts and more) during the day. There are even rooms available at Shake Rag Alley, home of Alley Stage, should you want the whole experience of immersing yourself in that wonderful little corner of the world.

I'm also booking some music shows & will update y'all as they are confirmed.

Keep it LIVE



Posted by Kimberli on November 30, 2011 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (1)

OK it's about time, I know. I threatened to make a CD out of my old recordings, stuff I'd compiled through friends and flood mud. My intentions were good, but it wasn't the right time or the right idea. It wasn't completely inspired.

I think I've got it now.

This project is called "Re-Written", inspired after the Buddy Mondlock Songwriter Workshop in November of 2011. It will be all original tunes, including a couple of new ones, but the songs I'd previously recorded I am going to revamp a bit before sharing them with you. I learned to look at things a little differently recently, and I want to show you what I've learned. It's kinda cool. 

It recently occured to me that since 2001 I have had at least one surgical procedure a year -- three of them major -- and numerous medical tests. It also occured to me that in the face of all that my own life was in a sense being re-written; all the dreams I'd had and had been working toward were suddenly on a different path than the one I was walking on. And there are all these songs I have that are part way finished, some I played a couple times and scrapped, some I really like but wanted different instrumentation or an edit here and there in the lyrics where it felt clumsy or contrived to me. As I am feeling a bit out of my element -- clumsy in my new body & life -- I need to make a few changes intentionally.

You see, once upon a time there was a little girl whose dreams were bigger than the life she was living. She didn't care about anything else but the dreams, but she made some choices in her life that made a few detours necessary to get back on the road to those dreams. Each time she created her own obstacles and had to make those detours it was harder and harder to get back... what she once thought was "writing on the wall" was all being re-written. And it hurt really bad. She tried to ignore the dreams for a while, but that hurt worse yet. Once she found that road and was working hard at staying on it, she was happier than she'd ever been -- for a while. That's when the doctors came in and wrote a few prescriptions & orders for even bigger detours.

So... the project will be a CD of songs I've re-written a bit and re-recorded. There will be three new songs on this CD, too: "Yellow River" "In The Face Of It All" and "Re-Written." I know it will take a while because I don't have much money, but this time I want it to be RIGHT. I'm going to look at the old songs through a microscope, telescope & even a kaleidoscope, then I'm going to record them for you with more detail, brilliance and color than ever before. Just like my life has been Re-Written, the way I look at my songs has changed, too. Some may have new words in places, some new verses, some just added or changed instrumentation, but each will be Re-Written just like my life has been.

I need help with funding this project. I need studio musicians to interpret what I have in my head. I need hours of time alone to dissect my lyrics & the emotion behind them. I need a professional short run duplication service and all of you to buy this once it's done. And I need a lot of prayer, positive thought and well-wishing as well as encouragement.

Thanks for reading about the project and all the thought behind it. And for supporting this little girl's dreams...


"Sideways thinking" is what Buddy called it...

Posted by Kimberli on November 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM Comments comments (0)

In a recent songwriting workshop here in Cedar Rapids, IA, Nashville songwriter Buddy Mondlock challenged us all to "think sideways" and taught us much about imagery and new ways to look at the things around us. We shared our songs for group critique, did some exercises, listened to Buddy play and all got very inspired. I took notes like a starving man reaching through the bars of a dirty old jail cell... it had been a long dry spell for me and more than once I'd likened my "block" to someone who was rapelling -- all set to go with their feet on the ledge but stuck there & unable to go over. I was waiting for someone to push me over the edge because I didn't have the confidence anymore to do it for myself.

Buddy gave me a gentle shove and it was wonderful.

There's a funny feeling you get when you start to write again after a dry spell (or any time for that matter). Sometimes you don't even realize you're doing it until you're part way through something completely inspired, sometimes you're so bloody caught up in the butterflies playing Battling Tops in your belly that your head gets full to the point of exploding; when it can't hold them in any longer they shoot bright little bits of light out everywhere and you have to run around the room chasing them and gathering them up to put on paper. That's what I'm doing, and believe me there are little pieces of shimmery butterfly shrapnel EVERYWHERE just waiting to be gathered up. Now that I've seen them & know they're really here, the next time I'm standing on that ledge waiting for a shove I'll just pull one out of my mental arsenal and let go.

I wonder what it would be like to free fall back into a song?