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"Sideways thinking" is what Buddy called it...

Posted by Kimberli on November 30, 2011 at 9:00 AM

In a recent songwriting workshop here in Cedar Rapids, IA, Nashville songwriter Buddy Mondlock challenged us all to "think sideways" and taught us much about imagery and new ways to look at the things around us. We shared our songs for group critique, did some exercises, listened to Buddy play and all got very inspired. I took notes like a starving man reaching through the bars of a dirty old jail cell... it had been a long dry spell for me and more than once I'd likened my "block" to someone who was rapelling -- all set to go with their feet on the ledge but stuck there & unable to go over. I was waiting for someone to push me over the edge because I didn't have the confidence anymore to do it for myself.

Buddy gave me a gentle shove and it was wonderful.

There's a funny feeling you get when you start to write again after a dry spell (or any time for that matter). Sometimes you don't even realize you're doing it until you're part way through something completely inspired, sometimes you're so bloody caught up in the butterflies playing Battling Tops in your belly that your head gets full to the point of exploding; when it can't hold them in any longer they shoot bright little bits of light out everywhere and you have to run around the room chasing them and gathering them up to put on paper. That's what I'm doing, and believe me there are little pieces of shimmery butterfly shrapnel EVERYWHERE just waiting to be gathered up. Now that I've seen them & know they're really here, the next time I'm standing on that ledge waiting for a shove I'll just pull one out of my mental arsenal and let go.

I wonder what it would be like to free fall back into a song?

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